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22 - 22 Sundent Snlutiam Manual and Study Guide W 1...

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Unformatted text preview: 22 Sundent Snlutiam Manual and Study Guide W 1. amtanuethatmmmafinihenumberufmmmandbemmaatawmbntwhm valuesmmbatflutedforthenflables fl. thewtufaflminflmmhthntPhfiam .QIIEHBtmeforeachindifidunlzinD themiaatleaatmwinflfinwhlchfifizjhm Vz,ifP[:} thanQIEE], when P[x}andfl(:l:) are predicates mfiat-entinl wiversal Vaifzisauaithenxiaafl Elmauchthatzismfiandxisafi 10. V31ifzisanAthanziauotaBIfiDr: Haifziannflthenzlamtnzi} 11. ExEDsuththat~Q[z} 12. VEED. HIDE] 13. 3:12.!) sudlthat PH} undo» 0(a) LIL theremmeiemamshfl 15. V3, if ~Q(z] than ~P(n:}: Vac, ith) then PL!) ‘fl'm, inn-Pb) than Ina-{2(3) lfi. whateverelementzinfltheywiah; maimmtyinfl; 15th 1?. analflmmtzinfl; denatyinEmmemighth-me; true 13. Ezeflsuch that. I'|I|'1,.'E}:7.-', ~P[::,y] 19. VzED,EyEEanchthflt-HP($,F] 2E]. Haprupertyistrueofemrythinginadomain.thmitistnmofnnypmicularthingintha F953???“ domain R 1m, if me] then Girl #2, if Hz) mm 9(2) PIEa}. for a particuiar a he 0(a), for a. particular a Gin) ~ Pin} 22. plaueadiaklaheladAinaideadiaklaheJedH | 23. drawoveriappingdiakslaheledAand Empecfivelfimd plaoeadminsidethtepart that amt-laps 24. draw Mapping disks Inhaled A and B ...
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