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English 125 Essay 4 Number dossss

English 125 Essay 4 Number dossss - It is hard to reconcile...

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It is hard to reconcile with the past unless one is willing to go back and reexamine decisions and accept the consequences. In Elwood Reid’s “My Body My Weapon My Shame,” the audience realizes that “Final Cut” by Atul Gawande analyzes autopsy and how it has transformed over time. In an attempt to bring to light the benefits of autopsy, Gawande uses his own experience in which he misdiagnoses a patient’s death. Through this, and other autopsy studies, it is seen that autopsies are beneficial and provide doctors a way to confirm their diagnosis or perhaps even correct them. Through the idea of an autopsy, it can be drawn that Elwood Reid’s “My Body My Weapon My Shame” is essentially an autopsy of Reid’s dark past. He attempts to rationalize the pain he inflicted on himself as well as the hurt he experienced in his football career. As a result, he realizes that despite his past efforts to be a great football star, he died to himself and gave up his identity.
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