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Geosci 103 REVIEW

Geosci 103 REVIEW - What is a fact A hypothesis A theory A...

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LECTURE 1 Why is paleontology called a ‘four-dimensional’ science? It deals with time, which is the 4 th dimension What did the word ‘fossil’ originally mean? “Things dug up” What is the difference between a body fossil and a trace fossil? Body fossils are remains that preserve some of the “body” of an ancient organism. Trace fossils are remains that preserve some “trace” or “mark” produced by an organism during its life, on an inert or organic substrate
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Unformatted text preview: What is a fact? A hypothesis? A theory? A fact is an objective and verifiable observation made about the natural world. A hypothesis is a general explanation of facts; makes predictions that can be tested A theory is a hypothesis that has withstood repeated testing What is the tree of life? What is at the tips of the twigs, and what is at the branch points? At twigs are species antecedents are at the branches How does natural selection work?...
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