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SWMS 210gm M. Messner Midterm study questions Fall, 2010 INSTRUCTIONS: Please bring one large, blank blue book and a pen to the exam. This will be a two-part exam, worth a total of 100 points. Part I will consist of two of the following essay questions; you will choose and write one essay, worth 60 points. Be sure to answer al aspects of the essay question that you choose. Part II will consist of ten concepts or names from the list below, from which you will choose eight, worth five points each (40 total points). These short answers should be about 2-3 sentences long, and should include a definition of the term, and an example or explanation drawn directly from readings, lecture or film that illustrates the term’s significance. I. ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. Drawing from lectures and readings, (a) describe how public and domestic spheres of life are "gendered" for Kate Chopin's character Edna Pontellier and Arthur Miller's Willy Loman; (b) Discuss how social class combined with this gendered public/domestic split
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