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Final terms - Upstream vs downstream Upstream is the...

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Upstream vs. downstream: Upstream is the prevention of a problem at higher level while downstream is action to help people cope with a problem after the fact These two complement each other to positively addressing gender issues Upstreams: Men’s care Downstream: Phone hotlines Gendered family rituals: Holiday traditions amplify and clearly assign gender roles that reflect historical practices. Gender essentialism remains an underlying concept. Women cook and clean up, men cut turkey and watch football although on a daily basis the family is an egalitarian one. Transnational motherhood: Notion that economic circumstances force Latina women to work in the US as domestic workers to supplement mothers of American families in order to support their own families at home. Due to a shift in the American family life, Latina women are given opportunities abroad, which alter their family practices as well. “I’m Here but I’m there article” nannies taking on the role of mothers CEO Coach: a coaching style, which reflects quiet, and controlling qualities much like the one of high-ranking workers. Although other versions of masculinity exist, this one has become the most successful just like in the work force. When a ceo coach goes onto the filed to confront the umpire he does so in a calm self assured manner. Glass ceiling: Notion that the few female coaches only coach teams of up to 8 to 10 year olds since those kids are in the need of maternal care rather than the competitive aspects of male coaches. Women are discriminated against in the public realm. Women tend to cycle back to coaching younger kids as their maternal instincts seem more fit to be more successful since they cultivate competitive behavior. Gendered spaces: Messner observed that in general male coaches are physically dominant and involved during game while female coaches are more submissive and tend to the children. This has to do with male supremacy and Messner sights an example in which the coach stands in the dugout while the female coach are in the dugout? Secret language of male coaches: Lack of context, engage with players: Messner’s idea that there are unspoken rules and knowledge that have been learned through other coaches However, women are discriminated against by not given them this insight. This has to do with male supremacy of the sport and Kate Kaplin who struggled to be a softball coach as she was not aware of more than the rules thus limiting his success. Gender sorting system: people are sorted by how they perform their gender which defines their success within an institution. Reinforces the multidimensional space of gender. Will Soloman who struggled with managing the tension between an emphasis on kids knowledge and one on sports knowledge. Therefore he was a marginalized coach as he was not dominant and demanding as other coaches.
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Team moms: the term team parent has been associated with mothers since the duties are domestic ones. Women are expected to fulfill certain roles due to socially constructed ideas.
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