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Paulina Pecak Dana Trakhtenberg English 120-125 10-28-10 Beautiful Deception of Body Art When you walk around the streets, you are bound to see an inscribed message wrapped around a male’s bicep, or an ink design of a star trickling down the back of a bare neck. This is the way individuals today express themselves, through a variety of pictures, symbols or messages, known as tattoos. Although initially reserved for those on the fringes of society, over the past few decades, body art has gradually become a popular trend, especially with adolescents. The explanation for tattoos being a new fashion for a younger age group is due to the fact that minors clearly yearn to be original in a society in which adolescents are increasingly forced to conform through media and peer-pressure. The desire for this uniqueness among teenagers results in branding their skin. By inking their skin, adolescents are asserting their individuality and self identity while rebelling against an exceedingly demanding yet inflexible society. However, in reality, this younger age group does not realize that they are, in fact, following in the footsteps of an elongated history of marginal people that have been known to belong on the outskirts of society. There are many reasons behind getting a tattoo, and one of the first motives for adolescents is peer pressure, which forces teenagers to be like everyone else. In high schools, peer pressure is a major issue that exists all over the world. For instance, there is always that pressure to fit in with a certain group in one’s life because there is a great need for the sense of belonging. Therefore, tattoos are a way to allow individuals to manipulate their bodies in order to belong somewhere in a rigid society. In general, “people who choose to alter their bodies may
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do so to identify themselves with a particular group, or to dissociate themselves from mainstream society, and are willing to experience both pain and pleasure in order to gain membership rights” (source. .i need to find this again). When adolescents decide to brand their skin they either get it done while being intoxicated because teenagers believe the pain will hurt less or the procedure is done sober because they assume they can do whatever they want with their bodies. Overall, by tattooing their skin, adolescents become self-satisfied, knowing that they belong with a group of individuals and are not alone. The second reason young adults want to brand their skin is because of what the media portrays to everyone. The media is specifically designed to reach a large audience which especially is this younger age group. The media reaches adolescents through a variety of ways which includes magazines, movies, television shows, and advertisement. Through each of these, these young adults see all these celebrities and models that they look up to and adore which
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essay!!! - Paulina Pecak Dana Trakhtenberg English 120-125...

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