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201 Internet 2010fall syl - (INTERNET) ECON 201 -...

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(INTERNET) ECON 201 - PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS – MACRO – FALL 2010 INSTRUCTOR: DR. RICHARD RAWLINS OFFICE HOURS :M-F 11-12 PHONE : 625-9716 MTW 1-2 EMAIL: Rawlins-r@mssu.edu VIRTUAL HOURS:TF 1-2 Text: Arnold Economics 9 th edition Recommended: WSJ Subscription OBJECTIVES: This course will introduce the student to basic economic concepts such as: market systems and their alternatives, supply and demand, inflation and unemployment, national output and income, money and the central banking system, demand-side and supply-side aspects of fiscal and monetary policies, and the federal debt and the trade deficit. The purpose of the course is to assist the student in understanding the theories that have been the foundation for the economic decisions of the past and provide a framework for future macro-economic analysis and decision-making. This will assist individuals in understanding the role that the macro-economy plays in all business decisions.
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201 Internet 2010fall syl - (INTERNET) ECON 201 -...

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