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Appendix D- Topic Outline

Appendix D- Topic Outline - III Will oil prices continue to...

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Axia College Material Appendix D Topic Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? While oil and gas are too expensive, we still need them to help heat and cool our homes as well as produce many of our daily products. I. Why do we need Oil and Gas. A. To help heat and cool our homes. 1. Gas is burned to produce energy to heat homes, businesses and industrial plants. 2. Natural gas is burned to produce steam, which drives turbines to generate electricity. B. All our transportation methods uses energy made from oil. 1. Gasoline is a refined product made from crude oil that drives our cars. 2. Oil runs through cars to help lubricate moving metal parts. II. Many products we use come from oil and gas. A. Everything in our lives is made by machinery that depends on oil. 1. Tractors, Cranes, CNC automatic and manual machines, etc. 2. Shoes, shampoo, shaving cream, hoses, etc. B. Oil and Gas keep the world running. 1. increases the production of food 2. improves our health and defeats life threatening diseases
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Unformatted text preview: III. Will oil prices continue to rise? A. With Saudis’ oil boost, The U.S might see higher gas prices. 1. With more barrels of oil being pumped out, the demand will escalate prices. 2. With only certain amount of oil being pumped out prices will stay high. B. Other countries can subsidize their fuels and could increase prices to close it to market levels that can keep oil prices down. 1. subsidized oil will keep prices down if countries want to sell their resources 2. it will help our country manage oil and where we can get it from IV. What will happen if the U.S uses its own resources? A. We would be putting our money back in our own pockets. 1. More jobs will be created and our economy will be stronger 2. Gas prices will go down B. We stop buying fuel from our enemies that use it against us. 1. Our enemies will not have the cash flowing in that can help them buy weapons 2. We have more money that will help us create better ways to protect our country COM 150...
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