extracreditF2010 - Extra Credit Projects The 3 projects...

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Extra Credit Projects The 3 projects below will provide you with additional experience on the subject of evolution and prehistory. Choose one of these projects as an extra credit option. Your choice must be submitted to me in writing by October 7th. The extra credit project is due on November 30th. No late projects will be accepted. Since this is an extra credit project, research on the topics below are the student’s responsibility. I can provide some input, comments or answers to questions about your work but the principal responsibility for completing the project according to the guidelines below rest with the student. An excellent project can be worth 5 points on your final grade. Lesser efforts will be graded accordingly. Stone Tool Project You will need to make a minimum of 12 tools of suitable raw material either local material (quartz or quartzite) or chert from other sources (west of Frederick) or rhyolite (Blue Ridge). You will also need to document the stone tool making process using reference materials on stone tool making (e.g., John Whittaker's book entitled "Flintknapping"). Your paper should describe how to make stone tools, in general, and how you followed the step-by-step process in your project. This should all be documented in a short paper (4 - 5 pages of text double spaced with 1 inch margins) supplemented with illustrations where appropriate and references. Stone tools produced for this project must be labeled and identified somewhere in your text. Bone Tool Project
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extracreditF2010 - Extra Credit Projects The 3 projects...

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