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Syllabus for Anthropology 208 B Human Evolution and Prehistory Instructor: Dr. Robert Wall Fall 2010 Office Hours: Room 306, Linthicum Hall T-TH 1:00 - 2:00 or by appointment (e-mail [email protected] ) Phone 410-704-3387 Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice Department Office phone>>>>>> 410-704-2852 This course is an introduction to the study of human and primate adaptations in evolutionary perspective. There are no prerequisites for this class. The course will follow the record of fossil primate and human evolution leading into a separate focus on world prehistory. Readings in the textbook will supplement lecture materials. It is advisable to have readings completed prior to attending class on a given topic. Supplementary materials including power point lecture outlines will be posted on blackboard. Questions and points for discussion are encouraged during class, particularly new discoveries reported in the media. This is a lecture format class, however, consistent individual participation in class will improve your grade in cases where “rounding up” of your final grade for the course is an option. This includes remarks in class on recent discoveries in hominin evolution and other relevant newsworthy items that provide a benefit to the class. You are also encouraged to take advantage of office hours to clarify information presented in the lectures or readings. It can only help your understanding of course material. Learning Objectives: B y the end of this course students should be able to. .. 1. Demonstrate both the relevance and substance of physiological and behavioral studies of non- human primates 2. Effectively communicate details of the record on hominin physical and cultural evolution 3. Describe advancements in archaeological methods that have occurred since the early years of the study of hominin evolution 4. Explain specific contributions that numerous scholars have made to the record on hominin evolution 5. Describe adaptive processes that affect evolutionary changes in modern and fossil primates There will be 2 exams, 3 quizzes, and a final exam. The 2 exams will be counted equally (27.5 % each), the 3 quizzes a total of 10%, and the final exam will count 35% toward your final class grade. The final exam will only include material covered since the previous exam. In other words, the final exam is not cumulative. All exams, including the final, will be a combination of
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SYLFall2010-1 - Syllabus for Anthropology 208 B Human...

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