TRMSEX2-S09 - Lokalalei (Kenya) 2.3 mya Gona Valley...

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Terms for Examination No. 2 -- Anthropology 208 - Spring 2009 Ardipithecus ramidus Australopithecus afarensis(Lucy) A. anamensis A.africanus A. bahrelghazeli A. garhi Bipedalism Paranthropus robustus/boisei/aethiopicus (Zinjanthropus) Kenyanthropus platyops Eugene Dubois Raymond Dart Donald Johanson Louis, Mary, Richard Leakey Pithecanthropus (Homo) erectus Homo habilis (early Homo) Middle Pleistocene hominids Homo antecessor Buia 1 mya (Eritrea) Homo erectus/Homo ergaster Mauer/Heidelberg mandible(Germany) 500K Neanderthal Archaic Homo sapiens sagittal keel power/precision grip conical thorax speech and language scavenging/hunting subsistence Oldowan tools - choppers/cores/flakes (Mode I) Acheulean tools (Handaxes) Mode II Chopper/Chopping Tools Flake Tools (scrapers, burins, knives) Bifacial/Unifacial Tools Continental glaciation Pleistocene/Holocene Interglacials Mammalian biostratigraphy Sites Senga 5a (Congo) 2.2-2.4 mya A.L. 666-1 (Ethiopia) 2.3 mya
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Unformatted text preview: Lokalalei (Kenya) 2.3 mya Gona Valley (Ethiopia) 2.5 mya Nariokotome (E. Africa - West Turkana) 1.6 mya Konso-Gardula (Ethiopia) 1.4 mya Dmanisi (Georgia-Caucasus Mts) 1.7 mya Ubeidiya (Israel) 1.4 mya Terra Amata (France) 300,000 BP Gesher Benot Yaoqov (Israel) 780,000 BP Ceprano (Italy) 800,000 BP Isernia (Italy) 500,000 BP Boxgrove (Britain) 500,000 BP Trinil (Java) 900,000 BP Koobi Fora (E. Africa) 2.0-1.0 mya Bose Valley (China) 800,000 BP Kuldara (Tajikstan) 850,000 BP Schoningen (Germany) 400,000 BP Torralba/Ambrona (Spain) 350,000 BP Aridos (Spain) 350,000 BP Vertesszollos (Hungary) 475-250,000 BP Zhoukoudien Cave (China) 460-230,000 BP Atapuerca (Spain) 780,000-120,000 BP Olorgesailie (E. Africa) 9-400,000 BP Kalambo Falls (E. Africa) 200,000 BP Mata Menge (Flores-Indonesia) 800,000 BP Readings: Chapter 6 and 7 Dont forget Scantron Form F-289...
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TRMSEX2-S09 - Lokalalei (Kenya) 2.3 mya Gona Valley...

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