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TERMSEX1 - Terrestrial Feeding Posture Bipedalism...

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Key Study Terms -- Exam No. 1 Archaeology Physical Anthropology Cultural Anthropology/Culture Evolution/Convergent Evolution Extinction Geographic Isolation Biodiversity (Biological Diversity) Adaptation/Pre-adaptation Natural Selection/Selective Pressure Fitness Adaptive Radiation Succession Niche Species (Endemic, Pioneer, Semi-) Punctuated and Dynamic Equilibrium Gradualism Phenotype/Genotype Genes/Alleles Mutations/Macro-mutations Derived Traits Mendel Acquired Characteristics/Blending Speciation Genetic Drift/Founder Effect Superposition/Stratigraphy Radiometric Dating Radiocarbon Dating (C-14) Potassium-Argon Dating Absolute Dating/Relative Dating Uniformitarianism/Catastrophism Fossilization Index Fossil Context Paleocene (65-58 mya) Eocene (58-36 mya) Oligocene (36-23 mya) Miocene (23-5.2 mya) Pliocene (5.2-1.7 mya) Pangea/Laurasia/Tethys Sea Anthropoids (Simians) (Suborder) Hominoids (Superfamily) Hominids (Family) Genus/Species Sexual Dimorphism
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Unformatted text preview: Terrestrial Feeding Posture Bipedalism Provisioning Foramen Magnum Rift Valley (Hadar Region, Olduvai) Meswa Bridge/Lothidok (Kenya)oldest apes Primates (Order) Archonta Superorder Prosimians (Suborder) (Lemurs/Lorises) Tarsiers Insectivores olfactory sense opposable thumbs/orbital convergence dental comb/nails and claws Post orbital bar/plate omnivore/herbivore/frugivore nocturnal/diurnal Plesiadapiformes (Paleocene-Eocene) Euprimates (Paleocene-Eocene) Eosimias (45 mya) Omomyidae and Adapidae (Eocene) Pondaungia and Amphipithecus (44 mya) Catopithecus (37 mya) Aegyptopithecus (35-25 mya) Miocene Apes (26-9 mya) Proconsul Pierolapithecus Dryopithecus Sivapithecus Ouranopithecus Gigantopithecus Morotopithecus Prognathism supraorbital torus crenulated enamel simian shelf Pongids Lothagam mandible Sumburu Hills Sahelanthropus tchadensis Ardipithecus ramidus...
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