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Terms for Final Exam – Spring 2009 Neanderthal anatomy -- key attributes compared to modern Homo sapiens chronology -- time span and regions inhabited technology -- tool types and methods of manufacture Levallois Cores/Flakes/Points Disk and Radial Cores Flake Tools Chatelperronian - ornaments blade-like flakes Classic Neanderthal definition and distribution Archaic Homo sapiens definition and distribution Early Modern Humans (Cromagnon) definition and distribution Sites (Archaic Homo sapiens/Homo erectus Transition) Neanderthal Sites Shanidar Cave - Iraq Combe Grenal - France Krapina - Croatia Atapuerca - Spain Zafarraya - Spain St Cesaire - France Arcy-Sur-Cure - France Tabun Cave - Palestine Amud Cave - Palestine Dederiyeh Cave - Syria Early Modern Humans - definition/anatomical features Multi-Regional/Out-of-Africa Hypotheses Sites: Omo site - Ethiopia Klasies River Mouth site - South Africa Border cave - South Africa Upper Paleolithic Aurignacian/Solutrean/Magdalenian Upper Paleolithic Sites:
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