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Now that I have finished my paper I would advice students starting this paper to focus as closely to the required material as possible to learn as much as possible for the success of their paper. I would also advise them to choose very carefully what topic they chose for their paper because just having a strong opinion on a topic doesn’t write your paper. New students should focus on the curriculum and do research on furthering that curriculum for their own benefit. If they are unclear of any aspect they should ask questions then research extras to help further their education. I would also recommend that students use any form of help they can throughout the class. For instance the thesis generator, the CWE, peer reviewing, instructor review, and citation and reference generator.
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Unformatted text preview: These have all been very helpful to me. I dont think I could have finished my paper without them. If I could do anything differently I would have chosen a different topic for my paper, possibly something I didnt know much about, so I could learn more on other subjects. I would focus more on flowing procedures for my paper and incorporating statistics. With more emphasis on the flow of my paper, it may have been easier for me to construct a better paper that eased through the information given. With more emphasis on incorporating statistics I could have managed to portray my point more clearly. I would focus less on worrying I wasnt good enough. I am very self conscious about my writing and this class overwhelmed me causing me to feel like an inferior writer....
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