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Experts: Oil spill poses health threats, but seafood on market is safe The main claim being made in this article is that seafood could continue to be contaminated for year by the oil present in the Gulf of Mexico. The secondary claim is that oil contamination could be carried inland by a storm surge. These claims do not conflict with my personal observations. I think that oil is definitely contaminating seafood now and that the contamination present could take months or years to dissipate. For example, the oil could travel farther into the ocean and contaminate other sea life in different areas. I also believe that because the oil is in the ocean any large storm could cause that oil to be spread inland. What I have read from several news sources about the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico is the only background information I have on the primary claim.
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Unformatted text preview: Information I learned throughout grade school on how the water cycle works is the only background information I have on the secondary claim. The article simply states that the CNN Wire Staff wrote this article. After researching further, I could not find how many people occupy the wire staff nor could I find their names. With this information I would conclude that the author or authors have no expertise in this subject field. Though an author wasn’t presented, quotations from experts were cited correctly. I would say that the author or authors are unbiased and trustworthy based on the writings alone. The reason for this assumption was the lack of bias in the article. The article was fact filled and wasn’t slanted toward any position. I was also basing this assumption on the company who published the article, CNN....
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