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CheckPoint: Social Justice There are many ways to address social justice in a classroom. One way I would address this is when having a discussions in the classroom and you are picking students to answer questions so it is fair to all the kids there is different ways to do this. I would put students into groups and pick the students that go in the groups so that they are not always the same. By the students working together on discussion it helps them learn and feel safe in the smaller groups than in answering in front of the class with no help. It also helps with their social skills and higher learning.
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Unformatted text preview: Another thing that you can do to help with social justice in a classroom is making up a project with the help of books; if you do some research you can find tons out there. Having students work on project with books can help them with different skill and you can focus on different topics for the projects. Some thing else you can do with the students is have them work on a project in the classroom with one other student or a group. It will help they learn how to work to together and they will have fun doing it with classmates. The more safe and happy a student feels the better they will do in school....
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