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COMM 103 Study Guide for Chapter 9 Understand the following concepts and terms well enough to be able to answer true/false, multiple choice, and matching questions about them. Pay attention to the text under the bolded terms in our book, as a concept may have multiple parts or sub-concepts you need to understand as well. Exam questions may ask you to identify terms and apply them to hypothetical situations. Good luck! Please understand the following: 1. The definition of personal relationships and their characteristics (uniqueness, rules, contexts) 2. Relational dialectics and ways to manage them 3. The escalation, navigation, and deterioration processes of a romantic relationship
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Love styles (the colors of love) 5. Challenges in personal relationships a. This includes avoiding violence and negotiating safer sex b. Understand why people may not practice safe sex Sample Exam Question (you will get other questions via the clickers) 1. Jerry doesnt understand why an attractive, smart, and funny person like Jenny has chosen to be in a romantic relationship with him. He continually questions is worth and whether Jenny will leave him for someone better. What love style is Jerry practicing? (Ch. 9, p. 222) a. Eros b. Mania c. Storge d. Agape...
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