DisordersAnxiety - Anxiety Disorders disorders that feature...

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Anxiety Disorders 1. What is a Disorder? 1. 2. DSM-IV 3. Neurotic vs Psychotic 2. Anxiety Disorders 1. Generalized Anxiety, Panic 2. Phobia, Obsessive/Compulsive 3. Explanation 1. Learning vs Evolution/Biology Psychological Disorders ± disorder : a (harmful) dysfunction in which behaviour is atypical, disturbing, or maladaptive, and is often also seen as unjustified ± historically seen as the domain of spirits, or invisible forces, and “treated” mystically ± psychopathlogy : a mental illness; under the medical model , this illness must be diagnosed (symptoms) and treated (therapy)—nature-nurture interaction Classifying Disorders ± Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4 th edition = DSM-IV ± 17 major categories of disorder ± neurotic disorders : distressing experience, but permits thinking and functioning ± psychotic disorders : those in which the individual loses contact with reality, with distorted perception and irrational thought ± ± but…labeling can “reality”
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Unformatted text preview: Anxiety Disorders disorders that feature distressing and persistent anxiety generalized anxiety disorder : continual tension and apprehension; ANS arousal panic disorder : terror episodes; frightening physical sensation phobia : persistent irrational fear leading to avoidance of perceived source obsessive-compulsive disorder : unwanted repetitive thoughts and/or actions Anxieties GAD and Panic tension vs fear agoraphobia : fear of situations where escape might be impossible heights, public speaking, spiders social phobia : intense fear of being scrutinized by others (extreme shyness) obsession dirt, catastrophe, order compulsion washing, rituals, checking post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) What is their Source? learning account = classical conditioning of fear (e.g., anxious rats due to random shock; little Albert) biological account = fears developed through evolution and derive from from the fears of our ancestors...
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DisordersAnxiety - Anxiety Disorders disorders that feature...

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