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Chapter 5 Study Guide: The American Revolution Curtiss I. Growing differences between “Englishmen” and “English colonists” a. Accession of George III in 1760 i. The “revolving door” of ministers, advisors early in his reign 1. Earl of Bute, George Grenville, Lord Rockingham b. Corruption in English politics – need for “political virtue” c. No taxation without representation – review of Navigation Acts d. Seven Years War/French & Indian War (1756-1763) – Who benefited from this war? Who will pay for this war? e. How do we deal with Native Americans? i. Pontiac’s War ii. Proclamation of 1763 by the British f. Patrick Henry – “Charles I had his Cromwell” – treason? g. Why does the Stamp Act hit average colonists so hard? i. Effectiveness of the boycott II. Compromise of 1766 – Lord Rockingham rises to power (briefly!) a. Cancellation of Stamp Act (to appease colonists and British merchants ) b. Reduction of Sugar Act tax c. England promises not to use troops against the colonists d. Declaratory Act of 1766 III. William Pitt (Lord Chatham) becomes PM – so why is Charles Townshend wielding so much influence? a. The Townshend Acts – 1767 i. Royal officials in America to be paid directly by the English crown ii. Import taxes on tea, glass, paper, lead, paint iii. Creation of Board of American Customs Commissioners b. Americans protest is becoming more formalized – hey, we’re getting good at this! IV. Problems of a standing army in Boston – why are they here? a.
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chapter-5 notes - Chapter 5 Study Guide: The American...

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