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Chapter 6 Study Guide: Living in a Revolutionary Society Curtiss I. Order vs. liberty – governed “with consent of the people” → but who are the people? a. Who cannot vote in colonial America? Women, Native Americans, blacks, often white males without property i. Why do people fear “mob rule”? What is “elitism”? ii. Should all veterans be allowed to vote after the Revolutionary War? II. Hierarchy of Social Relations – We are a republic! a. Society of the Cincinnati (Who was Cincinnatus?) i. Charter drawn up by General Henry Knox ii. Who can join? Idea of hereditary membership iii. “To preserve inviolate those exalted rights and liberties . . . for which they have fought and bled.” iv. Who doesn’t like this society and why? v. George Washington to the rescue (again!) b. Changes in Voting Requirements after Revolutionary War i. 1777 New York Constitution – John Jay – property qualifications allow about 40% of white male New Yorkers to vote for governor ii. South Carolina has property requirements for office holders iii. Move of state capitals – a touch of democracy III. African-Americans in the New Republican a. Achievements of Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) i. Born of free blacks in Maryland . . . limited schooling . . . got tobacco farm ii. Striking clock iii. Calculus – trig – the astronomy almanac – somebody for early abolitionists to point at – assists man who surveys Washington DC in 1791 iv. Thomas Jefferson → ponders idea of mental inferiority of blacks in Notes on the State of Virginia
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chapter-6 notes - Chapter 6 Study Guide Living in a...

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