DisordersPersonality - exaggerated importance...

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Personality Disorders 1. Avoidant and Schizoid 2. Impulsive 1. Histrionic, Narcissistic 2. Borderline, Antisocial 3. Prevalence of Disorders Personality Disorders ± disorders characterized by inflexible and enduring behaviour patterns that impair social functioning ² avoidant : anxiety about a social interaction (e.g., fear of rejection) ² schizoid : eccentric behaviours (e.g., social disengagement) ² impulsive… Impulsive Personality Disorders ± histrionic : needs attention and praise ± narcissistic :
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Unformatted text preview: exaggerated importance, “centrality”, can’t take criticism ± borderline personality : unstable identity, relationships, and emotions ± antisocial personality : lack of conscience; ruthless, deceiving (sociopath/psychopath) Prevalence ± 32% have experienced a psychological disorder, and 20% had one in a large-scale US study ² GAD = 3.8%; Phobias = 14.3%; OCD = 2.6%; Antisocial PD = 2.6% ± cause 15% of years of life lost to death or disability...
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DisordersPersonality - exaggerated importance...

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