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Sample Exam Question - I agree to buy five(5 Gibson guitars...

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1 George is the owner of a Gibson Guitar Manufacturing Company.  Recently, he has come up with the  new custom guitar for the year 2001.   He sent the following communication to Nathan, owner of a guitar  retailer. Here is the new customer Gibson Model for 2001.  The wholesale price is 2,000 each, minimum  purchase order of 10.  If you order 10 or more, I will include 10 hard-shell guitar cases at $5  each.   We will ship the order within two weeks of acceptance.   To palce an order, return a  purchase order form, and I will hold the offer open until next month, provided you deposit $100. Purchase Order Recipient agrees to the terms of the proposal with signature.  Signed____________ Later, Nathan receives George's proposal and fills out his own purchase order form.  It states: Purchase Order I received your letter an I am very interested in purchasing from you within the next two weeks. 
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Unformatted text preview: I agree to buy five (5) Gibson guitars at $2,000 and 10 hard-shell cases at $5 each. In addition, I require that each guitar have a 90-day warranty. Upon receipt of this order, recipient (George) agrees to ship within two weeks. Signed________________ After receiving the form, George sends 10 guitars with five hard-shell cases within two weeks. The shipment included a bill for $20,500 but no indication of warranties. Nathan received the shipment and sold all ten guitars with hard-shell cases within one week. Over a one-month period, all ten guitars were returned to Nathan because of defects. Nathan wishes to have the warranties enforced, but George argues that no warranties were ever part of their agreement. Discuss all relevant contract issues, including common law and the UCC....
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