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kin3502outlinebib - 1 Emily Prestridge Kin 3502 Scenario...

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1 Emily Prestridge Kin 3502 June 15, 2009 Scenario You are a personal trainer: An overweight woman, as of her 40th birthday, is concerned about the declining level of physical fitness and the health risks that are associated with aging and physical inactivity. She comes to you to design a personal fitness program that will improve her health-related fitness, help her lose weight, and maintain a better quality of life. Population The population that will be targeted are overweight women who are in their 40’s. The specific needs of these women are to lose weight, eat healthier and to begin preventing or reducing the risk of disease. This will happen by doing physical activity and incorporating a healthy diet into their lives. Concerns for this population will be maintaining the routine of exercise and diet. Ethical Considerations Any information discussed between the client and personal trainer is confidential. Before any exercise plans or diet plans are made, questions are asked to see exactly where to begin so that no injuries occur. A Doctors okay will be needed before any exercising begins. Summary of Characteristics
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2 I will be focusing on cardiovascular fitness, strength training, maintaining a healthy body composition, and weight loss. By focusing on all four of these target areas it will lead to a better quality of life for the individual, as well as higher self esteem, more energy, and an improved health-related fitness for the individual. Goals/Outcomes When following the plans of this regimen an individual should see positive changes in their weight, diet habits, and lifestyle.
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kin3502outlinebib - 1 Emily Prestridge Kin 3502 Scenario...

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