TEST2STUDYGUIDE - Formulas: BMI: weight(kgs) / height 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Formulas: BMI: weight(kgs) / height 2 (meters) weight (kg) = pounds 2.2 height (m) = inches * 0.0254 % Body fat : ( 1.46 * BMI ) + ( 0.14 * Age ) ( 11.61 * Gender ) 10.02 male = 1, female = 0, R= 0.81, SEE= 5.7 % fat % Body fat: [ ( 0.610 * triceps + calf ) + 5.0 ] Waist to hip ratio: waist circumference / hip circumference Standard deviation =square root of sum of (scores mean ) 2 / n-1.Remember to do it to each score and add together then divide by n-1 1 MET = Energy burned at rest 3.5 ml/kg/min of Oxygen 1 calorie/kg/hour Most important characteristic in measurement: VALID I TY Old defn: degree 2 which a test measures what its supposd to measure New def: (at the test score interpretation level): degree 2 which interpretations of test scores lead 2 correct conclusions. 2nd most imp.: Reliability : degree to which a measure is consistent, unchanged over a short period of time Another important characteristic: Objectivity: The degree to which multiple scorers agree on the magnitude of scoresReliability explained in terms of: Observed scores True Scores Error Scores T rue score = observed score + error score Sources of measurement error : Lack of agreement among scorers Lack of consistent performance by the individual Failure of an instrument to measure consistently Failure of the tester to follow standardized procedures Factors Affecting Reliability : (Performers) : Skill, motivation, fatigue(Test) Length, difficulty, Testing situation Instructions, environment, management Measurement process Instrumentation, scoring units, precision Evaluator Competence level Mode of statistical estimation Selecting Criterion Score : Criterion score: measure used to indicate a persons ability Exercise science: often have multiple trials Mean score vs. Best Score Long jump scores: which best represents your ability? Best score or average score?Many studies; lots of research No clear answer. Types of Reliability: 1. Stability Reliability degree2which individuals scores r unchanged from day2day Test-retest Factors that affect stability( Individual performance varies Measurng instrument operates/applied differently Variability among testers)2. Internal- Consistency Reliability degree to which an individuals scores are unchanged within a day Not useful for maximal tests Can b used 4 diff items/trials on same test (i.e. skill tests, psychological tests) Usually higher than stability coeff Nt affected by day2day changes Std E r ror of Measurmnt : Reflects the degree 1may expect a test score to vary due2 measurement error SEMeas= SD 1-r Can use this 2construct confidence intervals Objectivity Rater Reliability Depends on:( Clarity of the scoring system Degree to which the judge can assign scores accurately Determine by: Intraclass correlation (across judges)...
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TEST2STUDYGUIDE - Formulas: BMI: weight(kgs) / height 2...

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