Biomechanics Quiz 3

Biomechanics Quiz 3 - Biomechanics Quiz 3 True/False 1....

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Biomechanics Quiz 3 True/False 1. Muscles contribute to the maintenance of body temperature. - TRUE 2. Muscle hypertrophy observed in strength training is a result of increased neural coordination. FALSE 3. There is one muscle compartment for each body segment. - FALSE 4. Concentric muscle actions are used to raise a load from the floor. - TRUE 5. Type IIa muscle fibers can sustain activity for a long period of time. TRUE 6. When a penniform muscle contracts, the pennation angle increases. TRUE* 7. A single contractile unit is a myofibril. FALSE 8. It is established that actin filaments slide toward the middle of myosin filaments during contraction. FALSE 9. The largest tension can be developed in a muscle through isometric contractions. FALSE 10. The magnitude of contractile force is directly proportional to the number of cross bridges formed.- TRUE 11. In fusiform muscles, the fibers are perpendicular to the tendon. FALSE 12. Contractility is the ability of a muscle to generate tension. TRUE 13. Lengthening of a muscle before contraction reduces the force in a concentric contraction.- TRUE 14. The fiber force in a parallel muscle is in the same direction as the muscle fiber. TRUE 15. Slow twitch fibers always contribute to the force generation in the middle. 16. The physiological cross section of penniform muscle is the same as the anatomical cross section. FALSE 17. Excitation contraction coupling occurs between actin and myosin. TRUE 18. Passive insufficiency occurs in the hamstrings during knee extension and hip flexion. TRUE
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19. Muscle force decreases with aging.
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Biomechanics Quiz 3 - Biomechanics Quiz 3 True/False 1....

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