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runninglog1 - to last After completing the relay I...

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Emily Prestridge Kin 1155 9/10/2010 Week 1 August 23 (Monday ): I did not work out today. All we did was go over the syllabus and talk about things related to class. August 25 (Wednesday ): I ran a total of 5 laps inside the gym. I did circuit training. (lunges, side lunges, and some other exercise) I also stretched before and after doing circuit training. Before doing circuit training I did some exercises on the track where we had to lift our knees while running, and different exercises like that. It was very intense and I pushed myself hard. August 27 (Friday ): Today was also very intense. Having done circuits on Wednesday, my legs were so sore. I pushed through it and stretched before we started doing relays. We broke up into teams of four people. The first person had to sprint a little ways down the track and touch hands with another person, and so forth. I sprinted, ran backwards, and one of my partners wheelbarrelled me. It was a great effort put forth from my team and I believe we came in second
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Unformatted text preview: to last. After completing the relay, I stretched and did some push-ups and other various workouts. It was an intense training day. Week 2 August 30 (Monday ): Absent because I was sick. I was very sore too. September 1 (Wednesday ): Absent because I was sick. Soreness was leaving. September 3 (Friday ): Absent because I was sick. I did complete some stretches while in front of the TV. I was feeling very nauseous and it was hard to run or jog. Week 3 September 5 (Sunday): I was feeling a little better today, so I went jogging around the small LSU lake. I think it was the 2 mile lake. It was a pretty day. I jogged half of it and walked the other half. I wasn’t as tired as I thought I would be, and I kept a good pace throughout the jog. I was outrunning my boyfriend, who usually outruns me. I stretched before and after running and I was not sore the next day. September 6 (Monday ): No class because it was Labor Day! September 8 (Wednesday ): Absent because I was sick....
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