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Emily Prestridge November 3, 2010 KIN 1155 Week 8 October 8 (Friday): I think I was absent this day. Week 9 October 11 (Monday): I went to class and did the four warm up laps. Then I stretched and ran outside. After running I stretched a little and left. October 13 (Wednesday): I jogged outside. The weather was humid, and it was overcast. I ran around the PMAC and around Mike the Tiger’s cage. He was out walking in his cage. Before I ran, I ran the four warm up laps, and stretched a little. After the run I stretched for about 3 minutes then left. October 15 (Friday): I think I was absent. Week 10 October 18 (Monday): I was absent I think. October 20 (Wednesday): I went to class and we just signed our names and could leave.
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Unformatted text preview: October 22 (Friday): Fall Break Week 11 October 25 (Monday): I did the four warm up laps then I went running outside. I stretched and left. October 27 (Wednesday): I went to class and ran intervals. I actually just jogged around the track. I didn’t do the intervals. I ran about 8 laps and walked about 2. I stretched then left. October 29 (Friday): I was absent. Week 12 November 1 (Monday): I went to class, and stretched. Then ran the four warm up laps. After that I did exercises in between running 2 laps. One of the exercises was side squats. It was pretty intense. I was sore the next day....
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