FINAL REVIEW! - Philosophy Idealism The mind is the focus...

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Philosophy Idealism The mind is the focus of a person’s being In the total scheme of the universe, people are more important than nature The learning process is self initiated Strive for perfection Teacher is a role model Things that don’t change with the whims of society Select activities that encourage honesty, courage, creativity and sportsmanship; wrestling, running, discus, gymnastics, fitness Develop strong moral character Body developed along with the mind Realism A result of scientific methods Material objects exist in and of themselves, without being dependent upon being perceived Revolt against idealism Things-objective; Ideas – subjective Realists are “bean counters” The physical world is the real world Standardized tests Naturalism Concerned with land, forest, etc. as well as astronomy, chemistry, and physics Perpetuate the culture Competition is discouraged; challenge yourself; compete against you Discipline is non-existent- child/person who disobeys will bring on own punishment Pragmatism The philosophy Experience is the key to life-way to find truth Truth is flexible Experience is the only way to find the truth Believes in change Today’s truth is tomorrow’s falsehood Varied program and self control Teacher is motivator Existentialism Individuality -Human existence is the only reality When people are forced to conform they forfeit their individuality Individual determines their own system of values-Values should not be dictated Individuals are more important than society Became popular after WWII A modern philosophy that didn’t evolve from any of the ancient philosophies
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The Impetus for Early Sport A cult honoring the dead Cult honoring fertility Training for military purposes Inherent urge for competition Four kinds of games: ANCIENT OLYMPIC GAMES 776B.C – 393 A.D (1) Informal contests : between soldiers as they trained or waited for battle, to pass time (In the field get bored) (2)Funeral games : well organized contests held by warriors after the funeral of a man killed in battle. Earliest one 1250 BC in Greece Best known funeral game was described by Homer in book XXIII of The Iliad (Best known funeral games homer in book 23 XXIII of the illiad, first athletic comp doc.) (3)The Wreath games : Games City Prize Olympia Olympia Olive Pythian Delphi Bay/laurel Nemean Nemea Parsley Isthmian Isthimia Pine/Parsley (4) Secular games: - initially held in over 300 cities primarily for entertainment. Used as qualification for regional games, and then for the national games.
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FINAL REVIEW! - Philosophy Idealism The mind is the focus...

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