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STUDY GUIDE KIN 2501 FINAL CH 1 1. THE TREADY EVERY YEAR BEFORE THE OLYMPIC GAMES TO STOP WARS IS CALLED __________________________________. 2. WHO WAS THE POET WHO DESCRIBED THE ANCIENT GREEK GAMES? 3. THE TOMBESTONES WITH CHEATERS NAMES WERE CALLED _______________________________. 4. ______________________IS THE GODDESS OF VICTORY. 5. ______________________ IS A BATH IN A TRAINING FACILITY. 6. STONE WEIGHTS USED BY JUMPERS ARE CALLED________________________. 7. ______________________ WERE JUDGES. 8. _______________________ WERE THE 1 ST TEACHERS. 9. THE GREEK CULTURAL IDEA OF EXCELLENCE IS CALLED ___________________________. 10. ____________________IS THE INTERVAL B/T OLYMPIC GAMES. 11. THE STARTING GATE FOR RUNNERS TO PREVENT FALSE STARTS (WOODEN BAR) IS ___________________________. 12. ________________________ IS THE CHRISTIAN EMPEROR THAT BROUGHT THE GAMES TO AN END. 13. THE TURN POSTS ON A TRACK ARE CALLED _______________________. 14. LIST THE FOUR TYPES OF ANCIENT GREEK GAMES: A. B. C. D. 15. HOW DID ANCIENT GREEKS CONTRIBUTE TO SPORTS? CH. 2 1. WHO INTRODUCED THE GERMAN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY SYSTEM TURNEN? _________________________________ 2. WHAT ARE PHILANTHROPINUMS? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ __ 3. ___________________ WAS A TEACHER WHO TRIED TO MAKE HIS PROGRAM GO INTO NATIONAL EDUCATION. HE LAID THE FOUNDATION FOR GERMAN PE.
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