EncodingMemory - to better memory – Craik & Lockhart...

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Encoding into Memory 1. 2. 3. Levels of Processing 4. Mnemonic Techniques 1. Visual Imagery 2. Pegword; Method of Loci 5. Serial Position Curve 1. 6. “Flashbulb” Memories Long-Term Memory ± long-term memory = memory for information and episodes over extended periods of time ± episodic memory = memory for one’s personal past (unique) ± semantic memory = memory for knowledge about the world (shared) ± procedural memory = memory for skills Levels of Processing ± it is not simply how often you rehearse, it is the way you rehearse ± elaboration = the processes that form connections between new information and existing information in memory ± deeper, more elaborative processing leads
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Unformatted text preview: to better memory – Craik & Lockhart (1972) at the University of Toronto !! The SQ3R Study System ± Survey ± Question ± Read ± Recite ± Review Tips: (1) keep up to date on readings (2) distribute your study; never cram (3) set up a study group The Pegword System 1. bun 2. show 3. tree 4. door 5. hive 6. sticks 7. heaven 8. gate 9. wine 10. hen The Pegword System Serial Position Curve Primacy Recency Asymptote “Flashbulb” Memories ± unusually rich and detailed recollection of an emotionally significant and/or surprising event ± believed to be vivid and exact = special? ± close attention, elaborated, rehearsed frequently ± reconstructive inaccuracies...
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EncodingMemory - to better memory – Craik & Lockhart...

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