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1. Cognitive Development 1. Piaget’s ideas 1. Four stages 2. 3. 2. Social Development 1. Attachment 2. Stranger anxiety; basic trust 3. Parenting Styles Jean Piaget ± Swiss developmental psychologist ± interested in epistemology = the philosophical study of the nature of knowledge ± became interested in children’s errors Piaget’s Core Ideas ± children are not “little adults,” and reason quite differently ± they go through stages of development in reasoning, trying to make sense of their experience in new ways ± schema : a flexible concept or framework to make sense of information by organizing and interpreting it
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Modifying Schemas ± assimilation : interpreting new experiences in terms of existing schemas ± accommodation : adapting current schemas to incorporate new information Piaget’s Four Stages abstract logic; moral reasoning Formal Operational abstract reasoning 12 to adult conservation;
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InfancyChildhood - Infancy Childhood 1 Cognitive...

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