EXP Fundamentals Case(1)-1

EXP Fundamentals Case(1)-1 - Student Number: _26201352_ EXP...

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Student Number: ____26201352_________________ EXP Fundamentals Expenditure Cycle Answer the questions adapted from the ICQ for the Expenditure Cycle included in the Swanson Stores simulation by placing an X in the corresponding column. If you choose partial, please include a few words of explanation. DON’ T KNO W YE S PARTIA L N O N/ A REQUISITIONING: 1. Does someone who needs or uses the goods initiate the request? X 2. Does the company use reorder points monitored by a computer? X 3. Does the company use requisition forms of some type? X 4. Does a manager (other than the requestor) review and approve the requests for goods in relation to a budget or other form of management control? X 5. If the company uses requisition forms: a. Are they pre-numbered? X b. Does the company track them? X PURCHASING: 1. Does the company use a purchase order form? X 2. Is the PO form pre-numbered? X 3. Does the purchasing department track and review open POs for timely follow-up? X 4. Does an approved purchase requisition exist for every PO? X 5. Does the company utilize purchasing agents with the appropriate amount of authority? X 6. Does the company have a code of ethics that addresses conflicts of interest among its purchasing agents? X
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EXP Fundamentals Case(1)-1 - Student Number: _26201352_ EXP...

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