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Personality: Psychoanalytic 1. Sigmund Freud 1. His Techniques and Theory 2. Psychoanalysis 1. 2. Id, Ego, and Superego 3. The Five Psychosexual Stages 4. The Defense Mechanisms 3. Reconsidering Freud Personality ± An individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting Sigmund Freud ± the most recognizable psychologist or psychiatrist ± medical doctor in Vienna, specializing in “nervous disorders” ± came to see that some “nervous disorders” could not be explained by disorders of the nerves—created psychoanalytic theory
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Techniques ± could some neurological disorders have psychological rather than physiological causes? (cf. the modern debate) ± started his studies with hypnosis , although soon abandoned the technique because it did not consistently work across patients ± free association : a technique in which a relaxed person says whatever comes to mind, regardless of how important or private it is (may be prompted by words)
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PersonalityPsychoanalytic - Personality: Psychoanalytic 1....

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