IT - Mike O’Day IT Website analysis The strengths of...

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Mike O’Day IT- Website analysis Burger King Interactive- choose whether you want fun, food, or king Personalizes to your preference Multiple buttons containing history, commercials, company info, user videos, food, photographs, promotional products Restaurant Locator, Menus & nutrition, and company info often blend in with the rest of the buttons depending on how you personalize the site and those are often what users come to the web site for Feature different menu options o Breakfast menu o Regular menu “Whopper Bar” in NYC-higher end restaurant Entertaining and functional Different promotional products o “BK Flame” cologne o BK racing McDonald’s User friendly, easy to navigate Straight forward information Main Menu bar o Food Menu Meal Bundles- dollar menu, happy meal, extra value meals Food Quality-nutritional information, innovative products o Promotions-monopoly o History/company values o Career Options o Store Locator
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Unformatted text preview: Mike O’Day IT- Website analysis The strengths of Burger King are that the site is very interactive, entertaining, and engaging. It allows the user to customize the site and explore many different aspects of Burger King. Its weakness is that important information such as restaurant locator, menu, and nutrition can be difficult to find amongst the other buttons, which could cause some customers to get frustrated with the site. McDonalds is less interactive, but its strength is that it is easier to navigate and more user friendly. All the information is presented in a straightforward manner. Its weakness is that customers will just log on and find what they want and then leave the site. Burger King Definitely does a better job at retaining the customer for a longer period of time. Each website has its strengths. It depends on what the customer is looking for as to which website is preferred....
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IT - Mike O’Day IT Website analysis The strengths of...

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