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SocialRelations - Social Relations 1 Prejudice 1...

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Social Relations 1. Prejudice 1. Discrimination and Stereotype 2. Ingroup vs Outgroup; Scapegoat 2. Belief in a Just World 3. Altruism and the Bystander 4. Social Traps 5. Attractiveness 1. Three Components & Faces 2. Mere Exposure Effect Prejudice prejudice : an unjustifiable (and usually negative) attitude toward a group and its members; a mixture of beliefs, emotions, and action tendencies (i.e., discrimination ) “group” can be different culture, race, ethnicity, gender… stereotype : a generalized (sometimes accurate but usually over-generalized) belief about a group of people prejudice rationalizes inequalities (disc) Ingroup/Outgroup ingroup : people with whom one shares a common identity outgroup : people perceived as apart from one’s ingroup ingroup bias : tendency to prefer one’s own group members e.g., high school “cliques” coin-flip group assignment! scapegoat theory : idea that prejudice provides an outlet for anger by giving one someone else to blame (e.g., rivalry)
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Belief in a Just World
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