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Simons 1 Olivia Simons Professor McCarthy Literature 100, Section 41 8 October 2010 Mosque at Ground Zero In this opinion editorial piece from the New York Times, the author Nicolas D. Kristof expresses the view that American Republicans do not want the Muslim mosque and community center, Park51, built two blocks away from ground zero. He states that Republicans believe “the Western and Islamic worlds are caught inevitably in a “clash of civilizations”(Kristof). The author is arguing that Western and Islamic cultures and religions are keeping the people from peacefully coexisting. Kristof even goes as far as to say that the American Republicans have the same views on the construction of a center such as Park51 as the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda and its leader Osama Bin Laden. As I agree that the construction of a center like Park51, which is described as “a nonsectarian community, cultural and interfaith spiritual center along with a Muslim prayer area and a monument to honor all those we lost on 9/11”(1), can benefit many living in the community of Manhattan, I disagree with many of Kristof’s claims in the article. To start, Kristof uses very general terms when referring to the Republicans of America. He writes with a tone that suggests that all Republicans share these same views on Park51, when in fact many are in favor of the structure. In his editorial, Kristof lumps the views of all Republicans together. The issue of whether or not this center should be built is not one of political views. Rather, Kristof is using the same kind of discrimination he is arguing against by suggesting that Republicans in general
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2 are opposed to Park51. There is evidence that Republican politicians are in favor of the Islamic center based on their views of religious tolerance. For example, New York representative Richard Hanna spoke out against many in the Republican party saying that, “to oppose the construction of the center was to go against American values” (Sargent3). To go even further, Hanna states,
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Argument Critique - Simons 1 Olivia Simons Professor...

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