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TherapiesEvaluating - effectively treated(phobia vs...

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Evaluating Psychotherapies 1. Does Psychotherapy Help? 1. Testimonials vs Criticisms 2. Placebo Effect 3. Regression to Mean 4. The Evidence 2. “Pop” Therapies 3. What Matters? Where We Seek Help 10-15% of people seek help each year Does Psychotherapy Help? ± very positive testimonials … but … ² crisis may pass by itself (no control) ² need to believe (dissonance reduction) ² like the therapist (strong bond) ± placebo effect : if you believe a treatment will work, it may do so ± regression toward the mean : the tendency for extremes to move toward the average
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Empirical Evidence ± those not undergoing therapy often improve, but those undergoing therapy are more likely to improve and to improve more ± more specific problems more likely to be
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Unformatted text preview: effectively treated (phobia vs schizophrenia) ± of major accepted therapies, all seem to work effectively (but may be best for certain problems)—is it the therapist? “Pop” Therapies ± no scientific evidence that they work ² therapeutic touch (don’t actually touch but “move energy fields”) ² eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (fixing eyes works as well) ± but some may work… ² light exposure therapy (does seem to help, especially morning light) What Matters? ± providing hope ± a new perspective (another person) ± an empathic, caring, trusting relationship (Rogers was right) ± a commitment from the client...
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TherapiesEvaluating - effectively treated(phobia vs...

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