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eisenhowers politics - with Eisenhower's approval which...

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Eisenhower was a 'consensus' builder; he would rather reach an agreement than to be trapped in a lengthy debate. Many Republicans in 1952 viewed the 'recapturing' of the White House after 16 years of a Democratic Presidency as a call to 'throw' out the policies forged during those years, even social security was viewed as a 'Liberal Evil,' these Republicans wanted to create instead Republicans Solutions to the problem, install their own slate of programs. Eisenhower made it clear to those who helped him obtain power that blood letting was not needed and that he rather liked social security and many others measures initiated by FDR and Truman. (Even that 'pesky' rule about allowing backs to serve 'openly; in the armed services met
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Unformatted text preview: with Eisenhower's approval which cost him Southern votes in 1956),,, Eisenhower reached out to Democratic leaders and made it clear that he was willing to work with them and he did so. Eisenhower for good or bad was also willing to give his signature to bills & legislation that 'helped' Democrats be it awarding a defense contract to a company whose factories were in Democratic districts, or measures that aided Americans otherwise ignored by Republicans such as minorities; a paradox, Civil Rights was a Democratic Party initiative even though Republicans grab credit for freeing 'the slaves,' and the South was solidly Democratic....
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