week 5 Nixon's Politics

week 5 Nixon's Politics - War, between the United States...

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The diplomatic policies of Nixon were the first step toward the end of the cold war. Richard Nixon was not a fan of foreign policies and wanted to do away with the New Deal and the Great Society. The Cold War was between the two big powers of the time, United States and Russia. Nixon accomplished a reopening of direct communications with China in 1972. In May of 1972 Nixon visited Moscow at which time he yielded a U.S.-Soviet strategic arms limitation agreement, a bilateral trade accord, and plans for joint scientific and space exploration. The comparison between the two different foreign policies is night and day. During the Cold
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Unformatted text preview: War, between the United States and the Soviet Union there were no relations. The foreign policy from the start of the cold war was hostile. This hostility showed itself in the form of a race to see who the superior nation was. The race was basically an unspoken competition between the United States and USSR superpowers to show without conflict that their nation was superior. They determined this by military and industrial build up. This also caused worries of nuclear attacks until the end of the Cold War and the Soviet Union was dissolved soon after....
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