week 5 Vietnam War

week 5 Vietnam War - Political and Social Outcomes of the...

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Political and Social Outcomes of the Vietnam War Jennifer Johnson Axia College, University of Phoenix September 12, 2010 Vietnam War Page 1
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President Johnson began his massive bombing campaign against North Vietnam in 1965 that the Antiwar Movement actually found its roots and dug in. Words like "counter culture", "establishment", "nonviolence", "pacification", "draft-dodger", "free love", "Kent State", and "Woodstock" were added to the American vocabulary. It was the beginning of the hippie generation, the sexual revolution and the drug culture. The country's youth, the ones dying in the line fire, began demanding answers to America's high profile presence in Vietnam. They wanted to know why peace talks were organized and continually failed. They wanted to know what they were fighting for. Extensive media coverage brought the violent and bloody guerrilla war home each night to every American living room. People realized that the glowing reviews of the war effort their government had been releasing were "sanitized" and far from the truth. Even congressional senators began questioning Vietnam policies. Through it all the bombings continued and more and more of America's young GI's came home in body bags. Once the draft was introduced young people on college and university campuses all around the country began to organize protests against the war. Teach-ins and student organizations like the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) held rallies and marches, the first of which happened in Washington in April of
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week 5 Vietnam War - Political and Social Outcomes of the...

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