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ISS 215 Social Differentiation and Inequality Fall 2009 (Exam 1:Form A) IMPORTANT: This exam is the property of Center for Integrative Studies at Michigan State University. Reproduction and sale of this exam in any form is prohibited. Name: _______________________________________________ Student Number: _______________________________________ =========================================================== LECTURES 1. Which school of thought would suggest that even poverty is functional? A. Conflict perspective B. Functional perspective C. World system perspective D. None of the above 2. In our discussion on Social Norms, we used an example that students don’t come to a classroom in a swim suite . What type of control is working on them? A. Formal social control B. Informal social control C. It is against the university dress code D. All of the above 3. Most Western societies are facing a gradual decline in their population. Functionalists believe that it is not good for these societies. Which one of the following features of a society refers to this problem? A. It is systematic B. It is integrated whole C. Individuals are indispensable D. All of the above 4. Rise and fall of old Civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and China was used in our class to illustrate: A. Social inequality B. Social stratification C. Society as a living organism D. None of the above 5. According to Herbert Spencer, difference in structure of a society leads to a difference in the functions of individuals. As a result of industrialization, the structure of American Society has changed dramatically. Which of the following roles has been changed because of these structural changes? 1
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A. Roles of the family B. Roles of the religion C. Roles of the government D . All of the above 6. According to Structural Functional Perspective, legitimization of social, economic, and political structure leads to? A. Temporary imbalance in a society B. Social disintegration in a society C. Social integration in a society D. Anomic situation 7. The followers of Functional Perspective believe that change is good. What type of change in society they prefer? A. Change through evolution B. Change through revolution C. Planned change D. None of the above 8. Which one of the following is not one of the main features of functional perspective? A. Societies are complex B. Dysfunctional elements lead to social integration in society C All societies face temporary imbalances. D. Social stratification is dysfunctional 9. You have been hired by United Nations to work as an advisor to a developing country to eliminate gender inequality. Which one of the following should be part of your plan? A. Create a society based on equal access to valuable things B. Create a society based on equal rights to possess valuable things C. Both A and B D. None of the above 10. Which one of the following statements on social stratification refers to structural functional perspective? A
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20 Exam 1 Form A - ISS 215 Social Differentiation and...

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