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ISS 215 ~ Fall 2009 Social Inequality EXAM 3 (Form A) Name: ________________________________________ Student Number: ________________________________ IMPORTANT: This exam is the property of Center for Integrative Studies at Michigan State University. Reproduction and sale of this exam in any form is prohibited DIRECTIONS: PRINT your full name and student number above . Fill in the following information on your scantron (bubble sheet): last name, first letter initial, student number, and signature . Read each question carefully and provide the correct answer on your scantron. Return the testing materials (scantron and exam) after completion. Take the exam under the honor system. Lectures A. RACE AND ETHNICITY 1. It was suggested in our lectures that by 2050, White American population would decline to 50% of total U.S. population. Which one of the following reasons was discussed in our class for this assertion? A. High Birth Rate of Latino Americans B. Low Birth Rate of White Americans C. Unchecked illegal migration to the U.S. D. All of the above 2. What is ethnocentrism? A. Labeling of other people as inferior B. Making a judgment about other cultures by using your own standards C. Another name for racism D. Institutionalized discrimination 3. According to our lectures, most recent immigrants to USA came from? A . Asia as professionals B. Mexico as farm workers C. Europe as family members D. Africa as blue collar workers 4. Which one of the following nations is a good example of pluralism? A. USA B. Canada C. Saudi Arabia D. Afghanistan 5. Who was eligible for lottery visa scheme in the U.S.? A. Family members of U.S. citizens B. Highly qualified professionals such as doctors, professors, and engineers C. People in occupations with labor shortage such as Nurses 1
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D. Citizens of under-represented countries 6. As suggested in our lectures, children born in Indian and Pakistani families in the USA label themselves as ABCD. Which one of the following best describes the crisis of these children? A. Religious crisis B. Ethnic crisis C. Cultural crisis D. Identity crisis 7. Which one of the following groups can be used as an example of Authoritarian Personality ? A. KKK B. Skinheads of Europe C. Nazis of Germany D. All of the above 8. According to Noel's theory on competition leading to ethnic stratification , what will eliminate such stratification? A. Welfarism B. Communism C. Higher production to meet higher demand D. Abundance of supply of things that people compete for 9. Belgium ruled Rwanda. According to conflict perspective, which one of the following policies was used by Belgian government to rule Rwanda? A. It Promoted Western Culture B. It promoted Christianity as a true religion C. It promoted ethnic prejudice to divide and rule D. It promoted democratic system 10. Which one of the following countries has some form of caste system?
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24 Exam 3 Form A - ISS 215 ~ Fall 2009 Social Inequality...

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