26 Review Questions - poverty?-Poor people have low IQ-Low...

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Review Questions According conflict perspective, what will eliminate poverty? - Capitalism - Welfarism - Socialism - None The picture of the dying African girl? - Insensitivity of media and journalists to poverty and hunger - “ seriousness of biochemical weapons - “ death of children as a result of American bombing in Afgan - Selfish individualism Person goes to McDonalds and isn’t served because no money, what is the problem? - Production - Distribution - Access - All of these three Which one of these says people are to be blamed for their poverty? - Structural functional - Conflict - World system - All of the above More than 70% of the total grain in the US is: - Exported - Consumed by Americans - Consumed by cattle - None of the above In Bell Curve, which one of the following is one of these reasons for
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Unformatted text preview: poverty?-Poor people have low IQ-Low IQ low education-Low education lead to poverty-All of the above Through world system perspective, why is Afghanistan poor?-Afghanistan itself-People of Afghanistan -Terrorists in Afghanistan-Rich nations called core nations An individual is a criminal, when?-When commits-When caught-When prosecuted-When caught, prosecuted, and labeled as a criminal According to freud, crime is lower in societies where? According to Karl Marx, som will eliminate what crimes:-Crimes of passion-Property crimes-Sexual crimes-All of the above Social biology is influenced by genes and learning process...
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26 Review Questions - poverty?-Poor people have low IQ-Low...

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