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12 Gilbert Review - Gilbert Review Chapter 1 Karl Marx...

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Gilbert Review Chapter 1 Karl Marx - Communist Manifesto (book written by Karl Marx) Lays out the main characteristics of a communistic society - Bourgeoisie - Proletariat - Mode of Production and Superstructure The materials that you need to produce things Once this changes, all aspects of human societies change. - Feudalism - Capitalism Max Weber - Class Independent from status (millionaire junk yard owner vs. MSU president) But usually it influences status (royal family of Saudi Arabia) - Status Independent from class But usually influenced by class Nine Variables - Occupation - Income - Wealth Above three help people make money to buy things that are valued in society - Personal Prestige - Association - Socialization Above three are dependent on what class people are in; social status. - Power - Class Consciousness People in certain classes know their status and others know as well by just looking at them There is another extreme that makes people think they are in a certain class when they really aren’t - Succession and Mobility Inheritance of money, wealth, occupation, etc. deals with succession If you have these things, your mobility is much easier American Class Structure - Capitalist Class
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- Upper Middle - Middle - Working - Working Poor - Underclass Chapter 2 – Position and Prestige W. Lloyd Warner: Yankeecity - Upper Upper = 1.4% Inherited Wealth - Lower Upper = 1.6% New Money - Upper Middle = 10.2% Educated Professionals - Lower Middle = 28.1% Small business owners, teachers, and managers of factory - Upper Lower = 32.6% Respectable working/laboring class - Lower Lower = 25.2% Disrespectable people on public welfare Coleman and Rainwater: Class Structure for the metropolis - Upper Americans - Middle Americans - Working Class
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