13 Political Institutions

13 Political Institutions - Political Institutions and...

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Political Institutions and Inequality Political Institutions An interrelated network or system of beliefs, activities, organizations, and relationships that directs and regulates the collective functioning of a society or other organizations In current times, we believe in separation of state and religion Every society has a set of beliefs and cultural settings - Middle eastern countries have religions and people who directly influence their politics Royal Family and Saudi Arabia Political parties influence our actual politics even if they don’t “rule” Emergence of Political Institutions A long time ago, our world was ruled by a tribal system - Informal social control was much more influential There are seven aspects to this… - Population Growth As the population grew, informal social control could not control so many different types of people This is how formal social control had to be established - Urbanization It was based on formal social control needing to be established because there were so many different cultural norms - Cultural Heterogeneity If someone came over to the US and lived with people with the same race, religion, culture, etc. it was easy to implement religious beliefs on others When multiple cultures were living in one place, under one umbrella, you need an organization to establish a set of rules so that everyone can get along and work together - Intensive Agriculture It is using a smaller piece of land to produce more using technology such as farming tools, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Extensive agriculture is if we need more food, we just extended our land. Eventually, we realized that we needed to make room for
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13 Political Institutions - Political Institutions and...

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