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14 Social Institutions and Social Organizations

14 Social Institutions and Social Organizations - -Creation...

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Social Institutions and Social Organizations Social Organizations Stable patterns of social relationships among individuals and groups in a society. They are responsible to creating inequality and preserving it All societies, organizations, or families have some type of organization - Family organization is to raise children - In a church, there is a stable pattern; no one tells you what is going to happen but you already know There are four main features to social organizations… - Established structure is a building, or people assigned to certain tasks - Coordinated functional activities are those of a mother and father - The end are objectives that you want to reach - Agents of ordering Human agents are those who keep order (priest, president of frat, etc.) Socio-cultural agents are traditions performed over many generations in a certain organization. Praying in Hindu religion might seem strange to an outsider but it is important to it’s members The four operations of social organizations…
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Unformatted text preview: -Creation of human relations-Provision of needs and wants-Creation and maintenance of social order-Predictability: If you live in a certain society you can predict the outcome of a decision or situation ⇒ Based on other’s experiences, we take advice on what will happen in certain situations. Social Institutions • All the beliefs and all the modes of conduct instituted by collectivity (Durkheim)-Mode of conduct is how we do things-If you are involved in an odd activity and it may not be right, since everyone is doing it than it is acceptable-We do things the way other people do them • Set of rules and regulations that govern human needs. • There are six functions of social institutions…-Economic activities-Socialization-Education-Social Control – indd\uvidual around society are controlled by 2 forces of control formal (police, laws ect) informal (social norms)-Religion-Preservation and Transmission of Culture...
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14 Social Institutions and Social Organizations - -Creation...

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