16 Judicial System and Inequality

16 Judicial System and Inequality - Judicial System and...

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Judicial System and Inequality What is Crime? There has to be a legal description to say that something is a crime Intention has to be there as to why a crime was committed Someone has to violate written criminal law The crime must have been committed without defense - But if someone commits a crime in act of defense, then it is not considered a crime at all. You have to be penalized by the state’s laws Characteristics of Crime Geographical location determines where a crime is committed - It might be a crime in the U.S. to drink before 21 but across our Canadian border and it is 19 Time dimension refers to when many crimes were not enforced, or they weren’t even a crime - Such as slavery, discrimination, racism, prohibition, etc. There is no universal punishment of a crime Why Crime? Biological Theories - Lombroso (founding father of biological crime theory) and followers Lombroso was an Italian doctor who was appointed at a prison to look after the health of the prisoners While he was there, he looked at the physical and psychological outlook of the inmates He made conclusions about the prisoners - They have a different shaped cranium, long lowered jaw, flat nose, don’t have a full beard, and low sensitivity to pain What was wrong with this? He was only looking at white Italian males in the jail,
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16 Judicial System and Inequality - Judicial System and...

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