17 Poverty and Hunger - Poverty and Hungar What is Poverty?...

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Poverty and Hungar What is Poverty? Absolute poverty refers to a situation when a household cannot maintain some minimum standard of living - As a nation we define what the minimum standard of living is - Poor in the U.S. is way different than in the Middle East From a human development perspective, poverty means the denial of choices and opportunities for a tolerable life - Tolerable life is being fed, getting education, shelter, etc. Indicators of Poverty Economic Indicators - GNP: How much a nation produces to sell in the market Good economic health as a nation - Average Income: A good indication of a nation’s economic health - These variables are misleading Those individuals who make billions go into the average income, and they skew the data. Social Indicators - Longevity Infant mortality rate is number of children who die before reaching age one If a nation is poor, no housing, no food, no shelter, and no medicine than this number is generally high. Number of children who die before reaching age five is child mortality Life expectancy - Access to knowledge Literacy rates tells how developed a nation is and therefore how well that nation is doing Educational achievements are those who graduate from higher education Standard of living - Access to health services Whether there are doctors and hospitals to access or the family has no money to pay for these things - Access to safe water Story from Africa, the girl said when we arrived to a village there was a pond. Animals were drinking from it, women were washing clothes, and kids were gathering buckets for cooking at home. Shows how poor a nation is - Percent of malnourished children - Overall condition of the living unit
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One room shack that a family sleeps in, cooks in, hangs out in, etc. It is dirty and non luxurious How Many People Are Poor? Approximately 1.3 billion people make one dollar a day and live in absolute poverty - We don’t know the value of one dollar - These people spend 90 to 100 percent of their money on food 950 million of the 1.3 billion poor people of the world live in Asia - The reality is the majority of these people live in Asia, not in Africa Some 220 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live in poverty Approximately 110 million people in Latin America are poor 120 Million people in Eastern Europe live below a poverty line of $4 a day More than 100 million people live in poverty in industrial nations (less than half the individual median income) Who Are These People? Rural
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17 Poverty and Hunger - Poverty and Hungar What is Poverty?...

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