19 Gender Inequality - Gender Inequality Historical View...

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Gender Inequality Historical View All around the world, things were off limit to women such as education and certain professions Europe - Views of Social Scientists August Comte said that men are superior to women in every way except for love, morality, and emotions - Political Significance It took awhile for women to be able to vote and take a seat in the government Africa - 70% of agriculture is done by women but you don’t see any women in the department of agriculture - Fayyaz lived in Africa in a big house. The previous owner had buttons in the master bedroom and he would press each one to call one of his four wives, look at the oppression. Asia - China (influenced by the ideas of Confucius) Ideas about women, three obedience’s Women should be obedient to their father, husband, and sons Four virtues Woman must know she is inferior to man, and should accept it Woman should not talk too much, silence is a virtue - If a woman stands for their rights, people give so many bad names to her (modern day example) Woman should pay attention to her image to please men - In any society, a woman is always going to care about how she looks - Women spend billions of dollars on their looks Woman should willingly perform all household work. - A woman in Korea or Japan works as a profession AND do all the household things that need to be done. - India Even though Hindus won’t eat anything that is living such as meat, woman, are still treated as second class citizens in this society In Guita, it says women are like drums that should be beat to get right and your husband is like god on earth so worship him. Concept of Sati This says that when a husband dies and is being cremated, the wife should jump into the fire and commit suicide because their life doesn’t mean anything after this husband is dead - Arab Countries
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There are wars between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam but the one thing they agree on is women are inferior. Woman’s right to vote has been the last to be legalized in these
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19 Gender Inequality - Gender Inequality Historical View...

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