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1/25/10 1 Chapters 3 & 4 Week 3 of 14 Andy Saltarelli, CEP 260 Instructor Quiz Talk About Big 5 Papers Breaking Social Norm Assignment Q’s? APA Formatting/Plagiarism Activity Stress—What it is, Types Group Activity Break Stress Responses Coping Patterns Activity Is a short, but complete essay : introduction with good thesis, outline of main points body with defined paragraphs making specific points conclusion that wraps things together and/or pushes the ideas to future work Virtually free from grammatical errors, flows well Connects personal experience specifically and accurately with course concepts Answers the assigned questions Need More Help? Turn in ANGEL drop box BEFORE class begins (9:10 a.m.) on February 9 th Information and expectations are posted on ANGEL under Lessons Please follow directions carefully. Brainstorm with your team, listing stressors for the typical college student. List as many stressors as you can that you or your peers have experienced, are experiencing, or anticipate experiencing as a college student. The team with the most comprehensive list gets a big “thumbs up” from me. Take about 5 minutes to think of as many stressors as possible. circumstances that threaten or are perceived to threaten one's well-being and thereby tax one's coping abilities
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1/25/10 2 1. Stress is an everyday event 2. Stress lies in the eye of the beholder 3. Stress can be embedded in the environment 4. Stress may be self-imposed 5. Stress is influenced by culture Stress lies in the eye of the beholder. Stress can be embedded in the environment Ambient stress : chronic environmental conditions that, although not urgent, are negatively valued and place adaptive demands on people Ex: excessive noise, heat, pollution Crowding Living with risk of disaster Urban poverty and violence Stress is influenced by culture. Cultures vary greatly in the predominant forms of stress their people experience What are the cultural differences in stress between the U.S. and other countries? What cultural differences exist from city to
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Chapters_3_4_Saltarelli_SP10 - 1/25/10 Chapters 3 & 4...

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